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Trump's Supreme Court's Next Attack: Collective Bargaining

In another MAGA promise, the Highest Court in the land will hear a case challenging exclusive bargaining rights in 2019

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Dec 10, 2018

Just months after the Supreme Court ruled against public sector unions, in the Janus v. AFSCME case, the next big attack on unions may be coming before the court.

In August, UCOMM reported about a case, Uradnik v. Inter Faculty Org. The case centers around whether or not a union should have the right to serve as the exclusive bargaining unit for the represented workers. Uradnik, a college professor, thinks that since she isn’t a part of the union, she shouldn’t have to abide by the collective bargaining agreement. Now the case is done winding its way through the different federal courts and the lawyers have appealed directly to the Supreme Court.

This case, just like Janus, is being funded by right-wing groups that have been attacking unions for decades. By eliminating exclusive bargaining rights, conservative groups hope to stir chaos in the workplace. Without one designated bargaining unit, individuals would be negotiating their own contracts or could form smaller unions forcing management to negotiate with multiple bargaining agents and allowing one unit to undercut the others.

Following Janus, the loss of exclusive bargaining could be extremely detrimental to unions. Now the members that leave would have the ability to make sweetheart deals with management and would have the ability to form organizations that give them some of the benefits of a union, like lawyers, without having to pay union dues for them.

The Supreme Court is unlikely to hear the case during this session, which runs through June 2019, but could hear this case or one of the many similar cases making their way through the appeals process as early of October of 2019.

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