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UCOMM PAC: A Game Changer

Thanks to the work of groups like UCOMM PAC Democrats rebuilt the blue wall with union voters

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Nov 27, 2020

How strong is this Blue Wall and what exactly is it? This metaphor labels traditional blue states with high union-density that deliver the necessary electoral college votes for the Democratic Presidential candidate. In 2016, this wall came crashing down. Turning their backs on Clinton and against the direct wishes of their union leadership, union voters gave the nation four tumultuous years of Trump. In 2020, these union voters in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania sobered up and pulled the lever for Biden.  Nevertheless, in red-state Ohio, union voters are still drunk on Trump.

Coupled with the African American and Women vote, the union vote restored its supremacy. The UCOMM Political Action Committee (PAC) was born out of an ideology that union voters need constant attention and this unique Super PAC is the only PAC dedicated to marrying the union message with that of the Democratic Parties; to remind Dems that without labor’s vote, the White House can’t be won. 

Large unions and labor councils played a major role in winning this election, delivering hard-to-swing voters that rebuilt the Democrats famed Blue Wall. However, since early October, UCOMM PAC ran ads specifically targeted to voters in these states and the impact was most felt in Wisconsin. UCOMM PAC reached over 53,000 union voters, Biden won that state by a little over 20,000 votes. In Pennsylvania, Biden won by 63,000 votes where UCOMM PAC reached nearly 86,000 voters. With the help of a 7% national swing in union household support for Biden, the President-elect was able to flip Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, while holding onto Minnesota. UCOMM PAC ads were unique. They boasted positive messages from the Biden camp with fact-based attacks on Trump’s anti-labor record. These video messages stood-out from the rest of the political herd. The ads were liked and shared because they were different.

Online numbers and social media analysis show that it would have been extremely difficult for Biden to have won Wisconsin and Pennsylvania without the hard-to-get-to union voter. Without these two states, it is unlikely that Biden would have won.

UCOMM PAC is exceptional because as a federally registered Super PAC, it solicits directly from the ranks of organized labor. Anyone can give and anyone did. Individuals from 16 union-heavy states dumped tiny dollar amounts into the fund. On their website, UCOMM PAC boasts that they are changing the reputation of Super PAC's as a political organization that can serve the greater good. Other PAC’s, like C-PAC and American’s for Prosperity have a negative agenda to destroy the union community. Contrarily, UCOMM PAC is clear in its mission to promote union organization, raise wages and back labor-born candidates at all levels. The question is can UCOMM PAC survive in a post-Trump, now union-friendly world? The answer is an enthusiastic Yes!

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The Georgia US Senate special election in January will put the union Georgian on a pedestal. With 223,000 union-voting households, those votes will deliver the US Senate to the Democrats. With the help of Congress, a Biden Presidency will sign into law the PRO-ACT, a bill written by unions to level the playing field for new union organization with increased penalties on employers who violate federal labor laws. UCOMM PAC’s agenda also lists repealing 14b of the National Labor Relations Act. Doing this would make state’s Right-to-Work legislation illegal – a major blow to the many employers in red states that thwart union representation. If UCOMM PAC survives and remains successful and delivers on its mission, it will be a game-changer. Red states will turn blue and union membership will increase, forcing political elites to sit at the same table with the average working Joe, or Jill.

Kris LaGrange is head of labor focused UCOMM Media, blog editor, podcast host and founder of UCOMM PAC. He can be reached at


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