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UCOMM PAC Launches Energy Ad

The ad focuses on Biden's plan to create union, green jobs around the country

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Oct 12, 2020

With just a few weeks left before the 2020 election, UCOMM PAC has launched a new ad targeted at swing state electrical workers. The ad “When I Think of Climate Change I Think of Jobs” focuses on former Vice President Joe Biden’s energy plan.

The ad will be running to union voters, especially electrical workers, in Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. It focuses on Biden’s promise to invest trillions of dollars in green energy jobs such as building a national electric car charging network and retrofitting millions of homes to be more energy-efficient. While Donald Trump thinks windmills cause cancer, Biden sees the possibility of creating a new generation of union jobs in green energy and technology.

Check out the ad below and if you like what you see donate to UCOMM PAC to help keep it and other ads like it running. Unlike dark money super-PACs, UCOMM PAC is grassroots funded through small donations, so please help out.

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