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UCOMM Releases Janus Educational Websites

In preparation for the death blow to come, we have compiled good info to help union leaders keep the lights on

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May 23, 2018

The UCOMM Media Group is proud to announce that we have successfully launched a series of websites to assist in the union movements’ fight to educate organized workforces about the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case. When the US Supreme Court finds in favor of Mark Janus, Right-to-Work will become a national law and union contracts will quickly become weak. Since wages, benefits and workplace safety standards are extremely low in Right-to-Work states, we can expect that to expand nationwide without an informed membership.




These websites will track news produced about the case and share the many tools that unions have produced to guard against Trump’s continued destruction of union rights and collective bargaining. The websites can be found at the following:

The information on these websites can be easily shared and distributed through social networks and your union's communications structure. If you have helpful information that you would like included, please send it to Union communicators across the country are strongly urged to send us your stuff. What one local is doing in California could be of great importance to a union in New York, and vice versa. We all have different styles of messaging so let’s share best practices and help each other.

Politico’s Morning Shift email last week warned that the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) was going to release the decision last week. Today, the ultra-conservative New York Post printed anti-union rhetoric by an agent from American’s for Prosperity. With the assistance of the AFL-CIO, New York, and New Jersey recently passed gap legislation to prepare for the downfall that will be created in the wake of the Janus decision. US Senator Bernie Sanders recently introduced legislation making Right-to-Work illegal. Stories like this are all listed on these websites.

During the 2016 Presidential election, Trump said that he “liked Right-to-Work.” Fearing backlash from their conservative members, many union leaders failed to educate their ranks of the dangers of Trump in the White House. As a result, 40% of union members foolishly voted for Trump. Immediately after moving into the White House, Trump began to rollback all the gains made by labor during the Obama years.

In 2017, Trump announced his pick for U.S Supreme Court. In the most controversial appointments in US history, Neil Gorsuch, a known Conservative with a disdain for women, minorities and organized labor, was forced onto the highest court in the land. Trump gave us Gorsuch, and Gorsuch will deliver Janus. Make America Great Again.

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