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Unions Launch Ad Campaign against Senator Johnson

Johnson called the Capitol insurrection "peaceful" and opposed the For the People Act

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Jul 19, 2021

A group of 20 unions and progressive organizations are launching a massive ad campaign against Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson over his response to the January 6th attack on the United States Capitol and his vote against federal voting rights legislation.

The $800,000 ad campaign, named “Country Over Party”, attacks Johnson for his statement on Fox News after the insurrection in which the Senator said the crowd was "peaceful" except for "a number of people, basically agitators that whipped the crowd and breached the Capitol."

"You're failing us, Sen. Johnson," the ad says. "Protecting our democracy has never been partisan, and yet you refused to investigate the deadly attack on our Capital." The ad also attacks Johnson for his vote against the For the People Act which would make it easier for many Americans to vote. "Access to the polls matters to all Americans, and yet you blocked voter protections that have the support of Democrats, Republicans, and independents," the ads continue.

The ad was run by Democracy for All 2021, which is a coalition of unions including the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) the National Education Association (NEA), and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Other groups in the coalition include the NAACP, Democracy for America, and MoveOn. The ad will run on local news and sports shows in Wisconsin as well as on big national news shows like Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday.

Johnson is up for reelection in 2022, although he has not yet said whether he will run. His race is considered especially competitive since President Biden won the state in the 2020 election.

Watch the ad below.

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