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What’s Really Wrong with Alabama

‘Bama Crimson Tide fans cheer on Trump, destroy private property, and lose as the nation watches

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Nov 11, 2019

On Saturday, Trump went searching for the applause that has been lacking in his two most recent sporting event appearances. So, Trump headed to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama-LSU College Football showdown. While he was met outside of the stadium by protestors flying the Baby Trump balloon, he was greeted inside the stadium by a resounding chorus of cheers. This was to be expected. Alabama top brass threatened students if they protested and those in the stadium were not just students.

Alabama is a deep red state that still supports Trump, even as more and more charges pile up against him. Alabama has never been known to be progressive. The state of Alabama is often the brunt of jokes about how backward the deep south is. That’s not entirely true since the cities in Alabama are blue, but below are some statistics that we just can’t ignore. Here is just a snapshot of the problems they have:

Education: The state ranks 50th in the country thanks to a low level of students graduating from public high schools, poor results on standardized tests, and a low graduation rate from colleges and universities. The state is also cited for high college debt and high tuition costs.

Economy: The state ranks 45th in the country due to high unemployment and a bad business environment. There is also very little money being invested in the state as the venture capital rate is just $1.45 per $1,000 of GDP. The national average is almost 7 times higher at $6.77 per $1,000 of GDP. This lack of investment is probably why the states job growth was just 0.7% compared to a national growth of 1.2%

Crime: The state ranks 44th with a violent crime rate that is 25% higher than the National Average. The state also has a very high incidence of property crimes. This means that 571/100,000 residents are currently incarcerated in the state. The national average is 450/100,000. Alabama also has the 7th highest murder rate and the 6th highest assault rate in the country. Anniston and Bessemer Alabama were named the two most dangerous cities (with a population of 10,000 or more) in 2019. Five other cities made the top 100. Fairfield Alabama also saw the highest increase in their crime rate in the entire nation.

Household Income: $48,123 which is $12,000 less than the national average. 1 in 6 Alabamians are on SNAP compared to 1 in 8 nationally and 45% of them are part of the working poor. Wages, adjusted for inflation, have only increased by .1% since 2007.

Union Density: Only 9.3% of Alabama workers are in a union.

So, it’s pretty clear that Alabama is not a great place to live. I mean, it is the state that almost elected Roy Moore to the Senate. However, their devotion to Trump goes so far that one follower was willing to go to jail for him.

The supporter, Hoyt Hutchinson, drove to the game and met the protestors outside of the stadium. He then went and murdered the Baby Trump balloon by slashing it. In a video he posted on Facebook before the attack, Hutchinson let everyone know that he was doing this to protect Trump’s fragile ego, saying “I’m shaking I’m so mad right now. I’m fixin’ to pop this balloon,” the man said. “Stay tuned. It should be interesting.”

According to a GoFundMe page that was set up by Hutchinson, he was charged with felony criminal mischief. He is currently released on a $2,500 bond.

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