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Who can yell the loudest?

LIBN reports that there is a massive union rally planned before Hofstra debate

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Sep 26, 2016

This article first appeared in the LIBN.

Long Island’s construction unions and several other labor groups are planning to rally in advance of the presidential debate at Hofstra on Monday.

Members of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York, the Building Trades Council of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, the Long Island Federation of Labor, the Service Employees International Union and other New York-area unions are expected to be represented at the rally aimed at showing support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The rally is being held at the intersection of Hempstead Turnpike and Merrick Avenue at 5 p.m., just hours before the clash between Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump kicks off down the road at Hofstra University.

Richard O’Kane, president of the Building Trades Council, said union members want to show their support for Clinton, who he says has always championed the working and middle class.

“She’s proven to be a supporter of organized labor,” O’Kane told LIBN.

The union leader also expressed his disdain for Trump.

“The way he talks is totally out of control,” O’Kane said.

Gary LaBarbera, president of the 100,000-member Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York, said its members will be gathering Monday night to show their “enthusiastic support” for Clinton.

“She’s the only candidate in this race fighting for good-paying jobs and recognizes America is at its best with strong unions, who are the backbone of our middle class,” LaBarbera said in a written statement. “We look forward to working with her as we continue building economic opportunities for working families across New York and the nation.”

O’Kane said he was also upset that law enforcement officials have shut down all work at the Nassau Coliseum for Monday.

“The men can’t afford to lose a day’s pay,” he said.

Meanwhile, O’Kane is hoping for a rally turnout of a few thousand people.

“We want to make a big impact,” he added.


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