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Why all of the unions are with her

The AFL-CIO releases a video from a Steelworker in Ohio about why she is voting for Hillary Clinton

by John Durso on
Oct 26, 2016

I just watched this amazing video about Randie Pearson, a refinery worker and United Steelworkers (USW) member from the Toledo, Ohio, area, and I wanted to share it with you.

She has good insights on the kind of economic security working people deserve. She’s measured Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton’s record of fighting for the middle class, and, you guessed it, Trump doesn’t measure up.

Watch and share Randie’s story now, and see why she’s supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

I agree with Randie when she says a lot of voters are scared. She’s facing serious challenges, too. Fighting cancer left her with medical debt on top of the student debt she already was paying. She values hard work and people coming together as part of a union, and she’ll support candidates who share those values.

Randie believes that Hillary’s values line up with those values. And, she’s right.

Hillary’s fought for equal pay for equal work and affordable health care. While Trump bullies and creates division, Hillary will draw us together to help everyone achieve economic security.

As Randie says, “Hillary is someone who is working to bring people together and collectively bring us all up, while Trump uses his words, his money and his power to divide us.”

Watch our video featuring Randie now, then share it with your friends.


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