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WTF is he proud of

Klu Klux Trump proud to win a state that ranks 50th in education, 47th in child insurance, and 1st in home foreclosures.

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Feb 24, 2016

After Tuesday, February 23rd’s Nevada Caucus, Donald Trump is now the front runner to win the Republican nomination for President.  With 45.9% of the vote Trump won his biggest victory to date.  Of course, Trump had some pre-established advantages in Nevada, like being the only candidate to own a hotel there, but what led to this victory?

Amazingly, Trump won in every area of the state, across gender lines, political ideology and even across educational lines.  When looking at the education of Nevada Caucus goers, we see that some of Nevada’s education failures show up in the caucus goer.  In the Republican Caucus 51% of the attendees had some college education or less.  This is compared to 53% in the Democratic Caucus.  So what is the reason for so many residents of Nevada not having a college degree?  Part of the reason might be that Nevada ranks 50th in education in the country.  This included an astounding 40% of 2012 Nevada high school seniors who failed to graduate on time.  It seems that Trump actually played up how poorly educated Nevada voters are by saying this after he won, "We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated! We're the smartest people."

In 2014 the state also ranked 47th in children’s health due to a large number of people who were uninsured.  In Nevada, 17% of children don’t have health insurance whereas the national average is 7%.  Part of the reason that the state may have a large uninsured population is the failure of the state to roll out its health exchange.  Nevada spent $75 million to build a health exchange website, but in 2014 pulled the plug on it and decided to join after years of technical problems. 

Nevada also has a labor problem.  Even though they have one of the highest union rates in the country, most are based in the Las Vegas area.  Of the 169,000 union members, 55,000 of them are represented by the Culinary Workers Union Local 226.  The members of Local 226 work in the many hotels and casinos that are a staple in Las Vegas.  For workers outside of Las Vegas very few have a union.  Nevada, a right to work state only has a strong union base due to the need for labor peace in Las Vegas.  The rest of the state is forgotten about. 

The average wage in Nevada is $42,310 which ranks the state right in the middle for average wages.  However, if you look at the cost of living in Reno, it is about $50,000 a year.  Nevada is upside down with their wages.  This has been a major cause of the foreclosure crisis that has hit Nevada over the last 10 years.  Once again in 2015, Nevada ranked #1 in the nation for foreclosed homes with 1 in every 507 homes in a foreclosure proceeding, nearly double the national average. 

Nevada Republican voters are some of the craziest in the country.  Nevada is after all the home to the Bundy clan whose standoff with the FBI and later occupation of a wildlife preserve have made recent headlines.  The standoff has led many Republican voters to call for the elimination of the Federal Government owning significant chunks of land in Nevada, an issue Ted Cruz seized on.  Out of this movement, Nevada has elected Assemblywomen Michele Fiore who made headlines when she came to Oregon to negotiate the surrender that ended the Oregon standoff.  She has also made headlines for calling a fellow legislator “colored” and for a Christmas photo which showed her family, including young children, posing with an array of weapons, including a 12-gauge shotgun. 

Nevada’s Caucus was also full of controversy.  In Reno, a picture came out of two Donald Trump supporters dressed up in Klu Klux Klan uniforms.  Jon Ralston, a noted columnist in Nevada, reported that there were allegations of Trump supporters double voting and just general chaos at polling locations. 

Fortunately for the country, Democratic turnout at Saturday’s Caucus was about 9,000 more the Tuesday Republican turnout so hopefully come November, Nevada will not be sending Donald Trump to Washington.

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