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News From: Nurses

by Kate Hogan | on Oct 19, 2017

NY, CA, and MA All See Union Organizing Victories

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Calibri} span.s1 {text-decoration: underline ; color: #0079cd} Local unions are starting to reorganize their members, more women are...

by Workers Indepen... | on Mar 27, 2017

Trumpcare was a joke

With Trumpcare defeated, nurses say it's time to go for real single payer universal Medicare for all style health care because even with the Affordable Care Act still in place there are still...

by Workers Indepen... | on Jul 13, 2016

Nurses take on violence

National Nurses United is petitioning OSHA for a workplace violence prevention standard.  NNU Director of Health and Safety Bonnie Castillo says it was the 2010 death of their member Cynthia...

by Alexis Barrau | on May 09, 2016

She died at the gates

The catastrophic Haiti earthquake of 2010 has left Haitian citizens demoralized. After a week-long strike from doctors, nurses, and staff members of Haiti’s largest public hospital the...

by Brian Young | on Mar 30, 2016

An illegal lockout

In January, UCOMM Blog reported that nurses at Nathan Littauer Hospital in Gloversville NY went on strike due to a lack of progress in contract negotiations.  They planned to strike for just one...

by Brian Young | on Aug 24, 2015

Ellis Nurses are mad

In what will be the largest ever nurses' strike in the Albany region in recent years, National Nurses United have issued a 10 day strike notice. The 600 Schenectady nurses voted in June to...