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by Press and Media | on Nov 09, 2016

Doom and Gloom?

Trump's Upset Victory: Donald Trump's policy agenda isn't much clearer now that he's president-elect. Will he push for a higher minimum wage or for no minimum wage at all? At...

by Kate Hogan | on Aug 10, 2016

Dying for the Olympics

Preparing for the Olympics is a tedious task that can take years to complete. Countries need several Olympic gaming sites for each specific event, as well as housing in Olympic Village for all of the...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jul 05, 2016

Some 5th of July news briefs

This Fourth of July, the biggest celebration might not have been at the NYC fireworks show, but in a room full of nerdy NASA engineers.  That's because after 5 years and 1.8 Billion miles,...

by Press and Media | on Jul 05, 2016

OSHA to make reports public

This article first appeared in Newsday, written by Jamie HerzlichMany employers will soon have an extra incentive to keep their workplaces safe: the threat of public scrutiny.A new Occupational...

by AFL-CIO | on Apr 28, 2016

Still much work to do

Albany - Every day on average, 13 workers die in this country as a result of workplace injuries. And, every year in cities, towns and communities across America we gather on Workers’ Memorial...

by United States D... | on Jan 22, 2016

4 things to know in the snow

The bite of winter is fast approaching, with some areas already covered in frosty white. While many workers will be earning a living indoors, plenty of people in the United States will be working...

by Brian Young | on Jan 14, 2016

Walenta’s Williamsburg Nightmare

For over a decade, the Domino’s sugar factory sat vacant in Williamsburg.  While the waterfront property was vacant, the site was in the middle of a very public fight over what to do...

by United States D... | on Jan 10, 2016

Exposed to amputation & electrocution

ST. LOUIS — Two years after a worker died by electrocution at a steel plant owned by St. Louis Cold Drawn, inspectors from the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health...

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: North Dakota (HBO)
by Daniel Hinton | on Oct 20, 2015

John Oliver Tells Audience to "Get Angry"

In case you haven't noticed yet, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has quickly become one of HBO's highest rated shows. It's also the smartest late-night news program currently on TV....

by Brian Young | on Aug 03, 2015

OSHA Heat Stress App

For people who work out in the sun, temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s are no day at the beach.  Depending on the heat index, these days can be extremely dangerous. Now the...