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News From: outsourcing

by Brian Young | on Feb 02, 2018

AFL-CIO's Trumka: 93,000 Jobs Outsourced in Trump's First Year

On Tuesday Trump touted his tax plan during his first State of the Union address. In it, he claimed that thanks to his policies jobs were coming back to the United States, but like most things that...

by Guest Post | on Jul 20, 2017

Buyer Beware

AT&T wireless employees across the country are gravely concerned that the company’s increased reliance on outsourced retail operations is lowering standards for both customers and workers....

by Press and Media | on Jun 23, 2017

Ford Focus: Made in China

This week Ford announced that for the first time they will be moving production of one of their cars, the Ford Focus to China.  The company says that it won’t cost any American jobs, since...

by Press and Media | on Apr 24, 2017

These Jobs are gone because of Trump

It’s a long article – but deal with it, it’s the New York Times – fake news according to con artist celebrity-a-president. You see, 70% of the workers losing their jobs at the...

Dejian (Ken) Zeng Worked in an iPhone Factory in China to See How Workers Were Treated
by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 21, 2017

Hellish Life in the iphone Factory

Imagine 12 hour workdays, living on site, sweatiness, bad food that you have to pay for, sleep depravation and gettinging fired if you are a student or are pregnant. Thats the life of working in a...

by Press and Media | on Mar 23, 2017

The South; the New China?

One of the biggest concerns for workers is the loss of good, well-paying factory jobs.  Autoworkers are some of the hardest working and best paid factory workers in the country, but states like...

by Brian Young | on Mar 15, 2017

AFL-CIO's Good Jobs Campaign

With more and more jobs being sent overseas, the American worker is being squeezed.  Corporate profits continue to rise while American’s who work in manufacturing are seeing their jobs...

by Press and Media | on Dec 13, 2016

Training your Indian replacement

This article first appeared in Politico.Disney information technology workers lost a lawsuit in October against the company and two related firms alleging the parties engaged in a conspiracy to...

by Workers Indepen... | on Dec 09, 2016

Fighting until the last breath

This article originally appeared on Workers Independent News.Three hundred twelve IAMAW members in St. Louis have been told by the GKN company that their jobs are going to a non-union Alabama plant...

by Kris LaGrange | on Dec 09, 2016

Chuck trumps President Chump

Fake News. We love it, we fall victim to it and we hate it. It's an issue that we must come to grips with before we end up like Germany 1933. Fake News exists and we must be mindful of it. The...