by Brian Young | on Oct 02, 2017

Rhode Island Passes Paid Sick Leave

Rhode Island is the newest state to require employers to provide paid sick days for their employees.

by Kate Hogan | on Aug 17, 2017

Who Pays for Paid Leave?

Being an employee in New York has always had its ups and downs. One of the most recent upsides is that working people in New York State will be eligible for paid family leave on January 1, 2018. On...

Cancer Miracle Fueled by IBEW Generosity
by Brian Young | on Nov 23, 2016

What is a Sick Pool

The worst thing that can happen to someone is that they get sick and are unable to work for an extended period of time.  After quickly exhausting their paid sick leave, vacation time and...

by United States D... | on Oct 07, 2016

Paid Leave: A happy and healthy workforce

When Amanda came home to find her partner Jake clutching his chest in pain, she rushed him to the hospital, where he collapsed outside the emergency room. Doctors diagnosed an aortic aneurysm: Jake...

by Press and Media | on Aug 25, 2016

A healthy workforce

This post first appeared in NY Mag.Here’s a revolutionary thought: Letting people stay home when they’re sick without docking their pay could help curb the spread of diseases....

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 07, 2016

Better than Papua New Guinea

On the morning of Monday, March 7th New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was greeted by the Long Island labor leader community at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 25 union hall in...

by Brian Young | on Nov 16, 2015

Paid Sick Leave in NJ

Last week, voters in Elizabeth New Jersey voted to become the 10th municipality in NJ to require employers to provide paid sick leave. The new law allows private sector workers to accrue 1 hour...

by Daniel Hinton | on Sep 08, 2015

Obama Orders Paid Leave for Contractors

For the first time in U.S. history, men and women working under federal contracts will be guaranteed seven days of paid sick leave per year. President Obama issued the executive order, which will...