Vote Andrew Gounardes for State Senate - and Volunteer too!

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Sep 27, 2012

1109 The Presidential election may get the headlines, but there is a vital election this November for State Senate. It's crucial to know what is at stake. The two candidates are current State Senator Martin Golden - who crossed a CWA Verizon picket line in Bay Ridge - and Andrew Gounardes, who supports middle class families. CWA Local 1109 endorsed Andrew Gounardes at the store - pictured here - where current-State Senator Martin Golden crossed our picket line. Besides crossing our picket line, there are other crucial differences between the two candidates:

Gounardes will fight off-shoring of call center jobs. Golden does not - Andrew Gounardes supports legislation to end tax breaks for companies such as Verizon that ship call center jobs overseas. Martin Golden opposes the legislation.
Gounardes opposes telephone deregulation. Golden supports it - Andrew Gounardes opposes Verizon's legislation to preemptively and permanently deregulate VoIP telephone service. Martin Golden voted to pass this job-killing legislation.
Gounardes fights for our schools and other vital public services. Golden doesn't - Andrew Gounardes opposes more tax cuts for the wealthy, which lead to teacher layoffs, transit service cuts, and hospital closings. Martin Golden cuts public services to finance tax cuts for the wealthy.
Gounardes supports raising the minimum wage. Golden opposes raising the minimum wage.
Gounardes supports the Fair Pay Act. Golden voted against it - The Fair Pay Act would help end paycheck discrimination against women, who often get less for the same job with the same experience level as men. Marty Golden voted against the Fair Pay Act.

When we endorse a candidate, we want everybody to know it means something. We need to support Andrew Gounardes in this race not just because he's the best candidate. That much is clear. We also need to stand together and let politicians know there are consequences for their votes and actions (like crossing our picket line!)

Don't just vote for Andrew Gounardes and against Martin Golden, join your brothers and sisters: volunteer to help elect him to the State Senate. To volunteer, contact Secretary/Treasurer Tony Barone at CWA Local 1109 (718) 444-1109 or your steward. The Gounardes campaign office is located conveniently at 7321 15th Avenue, where it is easy to park, and right off the D train.

On November 6th the choice is clear: please vote for Andrew Gounardes on the Working Families Party line. Thank you for your consideration.


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