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Does the mighty pen need a shield?

Kris LaGrange's picture
May 31, 2013

The Justice Department seized phone records of the Associated Press brings this question to the forefront, for unionist and journalist. The government claims they needed the phone records for "national security", but ironically seizing these records takes away citizens security. It starts with media, but could the government seize any information to start going after union organizers and whistle-blowers next? Obama is proposing a Shield Law to draw some guidelines. The idea is simple; if government wants media records, they need permission, from a judge so if the first amendment is not enough to protect our right to free speech and assembly, then it's time for law to etch a journalists rights in stone. Read Kris LaGrange's LIBN Column: Media, Unions Share Plenty, which gives even more perspective on our true commonalities.

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