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by Press and Media | on Aug 09, 2017

25 Years to Break Even

A new report that was released yesterday finds that it will take 25 years for Wisconsin voters to make up the tax revenue that is being given to Foxconn. UCOMM has previously reported that the $10...

by Guest Post | on Aug 07, 2017

Upgrading the Power Grid

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced plans to rebuild almost 80 miles of transmission line, and it will be done by IBEW members. It’s an effort to strengthen grid reliability and bring...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jul 31, 2017

Missouri Could Kill Right to Work

Since Missouri passed a Right to Work law earlier this year, unions have been organizing to bring the environmentally disastrous decision to the voters.  Since the campaign began, both sides...

by Guest Post | on Jul 26, 2017

No Paycheck Deduction in Texas

It’s your job. It’s your paycheck. And how you spend your hard-earned money ought to be your choice. Senate Bill 7 and House Bill 156 would take away the freedom of teachers, nurses,...

by Brian Young | on Jul 21, 2017

The Public Pension is Strong

As a public sector worker, you made a contract with the government that when you retire you will have a pension.  Many people take lower salaries just to ensure that they will be able to retire...

by Brian Young | on Jul 07, 2017

NY Con Con: 10 Reasons to Vote No

This year, New York voters will go to the polls to vote on whether or not New York should hold a Constitutional Convention. The state constitution requires that every 20 years the voters of the...

by Guest Post | on Jun 23, 2017

Buy American Victory in Albany

“This is a victory for all New Yorkers. Requiring American made iron and steel products for New York’s roads and bridges is a wise investment for the future of our economy.

by Press and Media | on Jun 19, 2017

The Constitutional Convention Coalition

Every 20 years, New York voters get to vote on whether or not the state should hold a constitutional convention.  This year, organized labor is joining with environmental advocates, even the...

by Press and Media | on Jun 13, 2017

Beating Back a Decert Attack

Working people in Maine scored a huge victory yesterday when a bill that would have required unions to hold recertification votes every two years failed with overwhelming bipartisan support. ...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jun 08, 2017

The Art of Tongue Biting

I had to go to a Lobby Day in my State's Capital. When you're a union guy, educating elected officials can be a daunting task and sometimes elected union leaders spend almost too...