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News From: State Politics

by Brian Young | on Feb 24, 2020

Virginia Set to Restore Collective Bargaining Rights

Since the 1990’s teachers and other public employees in Virginia have not had the right to collectively bargain for a contract. With a new Democratic majority in both the House of Delegates and...

by Brian Young | on Jan 27, 2020

A Constitutional Ban on Right to Work

In April, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law a ban on local right to work laws in the state. The support of the Governor’s office for the law was a complete 180 from the previous...

by Brian Young | on Jan 14, 2020

Colorado Governor Support Bargaining Rights for Public Employees

A major victory for public employees may be on the horizon for workers in Colorado.

by Kris LaGrange | on Jan 13, 2020

West Virginia High Court Hears Right to Work Case

Repealing Right to Work will get it’s final day in court this week in West Virginia. The long-running case, Patrick Morrisey, Attorney General v. WV AFL-CIO and others., seeks to overturn the...

by Brian Young | on Dec 06, 2019

Sanders and Warren: Repeal VA Right to Work

After a strong union-backed effort in 2019 Democrats took control of all branches of the Virginia state government. As UCOMM previously reported Democrats had promised to repeal the state’s...

by Brian Young | on Nov 25, 2019

VA Gov: No Action to Repeal Right to Work

In an epic betrayal of working people’s trust, Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has admitted to betraying the people who worked to give his party control of the State Senate and the...

by Guest Post | on Nov 21, 2019

Puerto Rico Restores Collective Bargaining Rights for 9-1-1 Operators

After more than a year of intensive lobbying and solidarity from CWA Local 3010 members, the Puerto Rico Senate and House unanimously approved bipartisan legislation supported by CWA which will...

by Brian Young | on Nov 13, 2019

Are Virginia Democrats Selling Out the Unions?

For the past 25 years, Democrats have been trying to recapture complete control of the government in Virginia. For the past 72 years, unions have fought to repeal the state's Right to Work law....

by Guest Post | on Oct 21, 2019

Right to Work Repeal at Stake In Virginia

This post was written by the IBEW Media Department. With every vote counted in 2017, pro-worker lawmakers in Virginia were one botched ballot away from shared control of the House of Delegates.

by Kris LaGrange | on Sep 19, 2019

Is Cuomo Turning his Back on GM Strikers?

Across the country, UAW members at GM are out on strike. As they walk the picket line, many are worried about how they will pay their bills. When on strike, members only get $250 a week from the...