Support our candidates!

George Bloom's picture
Nov 04, 2013

Have you had enough government, or lack thereof? Nassau County is loosing its professional hockey team and no one in government cares. The Republican Legislatures in Nassau refused to pass a double wood bill that would have meant a million dollars in their pocket. Let's put Long Island back on track by first voting and second voting for candidates that were screened by labor and have agreed to work with labor. It is imperative that union members unite behind labor-friendly candidates at all levels of government. I cannot stress enough the importance of every union member and their families exercising their right to vote. Below is a list of candidates endorsed by CWA Local 1104. These candidates are committed to working with our union and our members. Bring your family and the enclosed voting guide with you to your polling place. Support our friends who have made the commitment to work with the CWA. Let your actions send a clear message to all elected officials that CWA members stand with those who support them. If you would like to be more active in the election process, call the Local at 516-420-1104.

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