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When will Trump's Victims Speak Up?

The recent allegations of sexual misconduct are societies way of fighting back and it's not going to go away anytime soon

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Dec 01, 2017

The Electoral College, ignoring the popular vote, put a sexual predator in the White House. An Access Hollywood tape revealed Trump literally saying, "I just grab them by the pussy." That should've ended his campaign, but it had the exact opposite effect.

White male perverts of the world united and rewarded that bad behavior with their vote. Even after that tape was released, more and more women came out with sexual allegations against Trump but somehow at the time, we weren't interested. We cared more about Benghazi and emails and the red states bought the long con. Believe it or not, some women even voted for Trump. Eleven months later, Trump has shamed the once noble office of the Presidency with more than just his comments. The damage he is doing will take years to correct.

A few weeks ago, we wrote a piece on the wave of women speaking up about sexual misconduct by men in positions of power, we called it a "Gender-lash", a direct societal reaction to the White-lash that sent Trump to Washington. News stories of powerful men exposing themselves will not go away, in fact, you will hear more and more reports and it's healthy. That's right, hearing these stories are healthy. Some men are losing their jobs, families are being torn apart with embarrassing stains on the shirts of once reputable organizations. You see, at the risk of over simplifying what is taking place, what we are really looking for is not Matt Lauer or Harvey Weinstein's job, we as a nation find no pleasure in taking out Louis C.K. and Terry Richardson. What we really want is to have Trump removed from the White House. Think about that when you pick up a newspaper and read a story alleging sexual prowess by a man in power. That story may have Matt Lauer or Brett Ratner's face on it, but deep down we are all thinking about that Access Hollywood tape and wondering when Trump's victims are going to speak up. 

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