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by AFL-CIO | on Dec 21, 2020

Trumka: Stimulus Bill Just a Downpayment

Over the weekend the House and the Senate passed a stimulus bill. Below is the statement that AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka put out about the bill. It’s been more than seven months since...

by Press and Media | on Dec 15, 2020

GOP Call for Delay in NYS Minimum-Wage Hike

Republicans in New York are attempting to use the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent a scheduled increase of the state's minimum wage. Find out more from Newsday.

by Brian Young | on Dec 14, 2020

26 Union Leaders Cast Electoral College Votes for Biden

On Monday, December 14th, the Electoral College met to officially vote on the 2020 Presidential election. According to the Constitution, the national election in November determines which slate of...

by Guest Post | on Dec 11, 2020

Republicans: A Danger to American Democracy

One of the most depressing figures in the news this year is 27. That’s the number of congressional Republicans — out of a total of 249 — who were willing to say in a Washington Post...

by Brian Young | on Dec 08, 2020

Trump Says Freeze Federal Workers Pay

Trump may be on his way out, but he is using his last few weeks in office to continue his war on federal workers. As negotiations continue over the 2021 pay for federal workers, Trump has released a...

by Brian Young | on Dec 04, 2020

Unions: No to Rahm Emanuel

Over the last month, unions have been letting the Biden-Harris Transition team know their thoughts about picks for several different departments. UCOMM previously reported that Biden has put 27...

by Brian Young | on Dec 03, 2020

Biden Meets with Laid Off Union Workers

On Wednesday, President-elect Joe Biden held a Zoom call with laid-off union workers and a restaurant owner. People on the call included a school crossing guard, an IATSE rigger, and a concession...

by Guest Post | on Dec 01, 2020

Four Reasons Why Biden Shouldn't Pardon Trump

This editorial first appeared on Daily Camera. Gerald Ford was right. It was years before I understood that. I was 17 years old on the day in 1974 when the 38th president pardoned the 37th,...

by Kris LaGrange | on Nov 30, 2020

Meet the Georgia Senate Candidates

Georgia has turned into the last battlefield in the fight to control the Senate. The state has a special runoff rule where if a candidate does not get 50% of the vote on Election Day, a runoff is...

by Kris LaGrange | on Nov 27, 2020

UCOMM PAC: A Game Changer

How strong is this Blue Wall and what exactly is it? This metaphor labels traditional blue states with high union-density that deliver the necessary electoral college votes for the Democratic...