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by Brian Young | on Mar 11, 2019

New Mexico Bans Right to Work

The New Mexico Legislature has passed a new law that would outlaw local Right to Work ordinances and bring local laws in line with the states free bargaining status.

by Press and Media | on Mar 08, 2019

Sherrod Brown Decides Not to Run For President

Sherrod Brown, one of the most pro-union candidates considering a run for President, has announced that he will not run. Find out more from Politico. 

by Guest Post | on Mar 07, 2019

"I'm from a Family who knew the Frightening Power Employers have over Workers"

This post came from Bernie Sanders Instagram. My experience as a kid, living in a family that struggled economically, powerfully influenced my life and my values. Unlike Donald Trump, who shut...

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 06, 2019

Unions Unite to Stop the Deportation of Member

On Tuesday, union leaders from SEIU 32 BJ and the Hotel Trades Council (HTC) joined local congressional representatives at a press conference calling on the Trump administration to release Baba...

by Guest Post | on Mar 04, 2019

Repeal the NYS Tax Cap

When I listen to politicians in Albany debate property taxes, I am reminded of a famous quote from T.S. Eliot, who said, “Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions....

by Press and Media | on Feb 28, 2019

Democrats Select CWA Lawyer for Spot on NLRB

With a spot open on the National Labor Relations Board for a Democratic pick, Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer has asked the AFL-CIO for a recommendation. Politico has more on who they selected...

by Guest Post | on Feb 25, 2019

Randi Weingarten: Acosta's Got to Go

When Trump appointed Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta many questioned the appointment due to the sweetheart deal that Acosta cut for Trump friend, billionaire and convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey...

by Guest Post | on Feb 21, 2019

Did You Get a Raise from the GOP Tax Plan?

This post was written by the Communications Workers of America In order to get the Republican corporate tax cut bill passed, many big businesses made big promises to workers that their wages...

by Brian Young | on Feb 20, 2019

Rand Paul Introduces National Right to Work Bill

On Valentine’s Day, Senator Rand Paul took part in his favorite pastime, introducing a National Right to Work bill. Just like last year, Paul will be the main sponsor on the bill that would...

by Brian Young | on Feb 13, 2019

How Calls Make a Difference

With a new Congress, union members finally have a voice once again in D.C. Although the shutdown slowed the rollout, Democrats have made a major statement by proposing the For the People Act, a bill...