News From: Right to Work

by Brian Young | on Sep 24, 2018

Janus Decision Opens the Door for Workers to Sue their Union

Since the Janus decision, UCOMM Blog has been reporting on a number of ways that conservative, anti-union groups have been trying to destroy unions. Some include knocking on union members doors,...

by Press and Media | on Aug 13, 2018

Are Democrats Losing their Union Base?

The Washington Post takes a look at what makes a union member voting against Right to Work in Missouri also vote for an anti-union politician like Trump. Read more below.

by Brian Young | on Aug 08, 2018

Voters Reject Right to Work in Missouri

In a massive win for labor, Proposition A, a law that would have brought Right to Work to Missouri, was defeated by a vote 67%- 32%.

by Kris LaGrange | on Jul 24, 2018

Mitchell: The Mad Man Training Trump to Destroy Unions

Once again Trump has proven that his goal is to destroy unions. The billionaire, who has said that he will sign a national right to work law and is waging an open war with federal workers and their...

by Guest Post | on Jul 13, 2018

Media Calls Out Koch on Right to Work Mailer

The following editiorial was written by the Kansas City Star in response to the upcoming vote in Missouri on Right to Work. Political mailers are so often misleading that they should probably go...

by Brian Young | on Jun 19, 2018

Trump Supports National Right to Work Bill

The National Right to Work Committee has been working for years to get the President to sign a National Right to Work law. This would make it illegal for a private or public-sector union to charge...

by Press and Media | on Jun 14, 2018

Building a Strong Union in a Right to Work State

While everyone worries about the outcome of the Janus case, the Culinary Workers Union proves that organized labor can be a strong force even in a right to work state. Find out more about how they...

by Brian Young | on May 14, 2018

Missouri Rushing the "Race to the Bottom"

Since February 2017, unions in Missouri have been fighting the implementation of Right to Work in the state. After the bill was signed by Governor Eric Greitens, unions from across the state launched...

by AFL-CIO | on Mar 30, 2018

The Bigots Behind Right to Work

Proponents of "right to work" laws often use lofty language to sell their agenda, with false appeals to freedom, among other high ideals. But right to work is about...

by Guest Post | on Mar 23, 2018

The Union Pay Advantage

This week, our Political Action Committee takes a look at the union pay advantage. Spoiler alert: teachers in states that aren't Right to Work, such as New York, get paid better! Another aspect...