Verizon FiOS in Brookhaven

George Bloom's picture
Feb 13, 2014

Great job to all that came out to Brookhaven Town Hall Meeting about the FiOS build out, it was a great turnout. The environment was overall positive and click here to watch the video of all the speakers with Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine's message to Verizon. We will keep putting the pressure on Verizon to bring FiOS to everyone. Verizon should stop cherry picking places to build out and should be available on a large scale to all neighborhoods and communities. Snowy Winter Weather Advisory Just a reminder to all our members to take your time behind the wheel and take these winter weather conditions seriously. The snow and ice are treacherous and an accident could cost you not only physical injury, but also money by having to take time off from work to recover. If you need assistance, make sure you get it, especially at work. No one works after dark outside without help and there are no exceptions to this rule. Safety is a concern for both the union and the company. As you can see the union is doing it's part and we' ll hold our breath for the company to weigh in. So be safe out there, your family needs you home in one piece every night. Click here for OSHA Snow Safety Tips

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