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Firefighters' Union Hose Trump

After attacking California Firefighters on Twitter, union leaders had some choice words for Trump

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Nov 12, 2018

Over the last week, wildfires have raged out of control in California. One fire has threatened the celebrity-filled suburbs north of Los Angeles like Malibu, while another fire in Northern California has burned most of the town of Paradise to the ground.

Day and night, union firefighters have fought these blazes. Putting their lives on the line, they have worked to stop the spread of the fire and evacuate people in its path. While they risked life and limb, Trump decided to take to Twitter to critique their work. As he flew to France, Trump had the following to say:

Following the tweet, Trump began receiving backlash from across the country, including from union officials. The Pasadena Fire Association responded saying:

Austin wasn’t the only one speaking out. California Firefighter Union President Brian Rice went on NBC News to say that “the communities in this state deserve an apology from Trump.” He went on to say to KCRA3 “You’re an idiot and you should have never said that, and you should take the time before you speak. Words are very powerful,” Rice said to Trump. “Our members are on the front lines, risking their lives, as we expect them to and the least we could expect from our leaders at not only the state level, which we get, but certainly at a national level … we don’t need a pat on the back, but acknowledge the state — the state of California is going through hell right now, literally.”


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