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West Virginia Regional Jail

Frontier Scab Pulls Gun on Striking CWA Members

As striking Frontier workers walked the picket line, a scab decided to threaten their lives

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Mar 09, 2018

Scabs, or the replacement workers who are hired to take striking union members jobs, are the lowest of the low. UCOMM readers have all heard about the scabs that threatened Local 3 members lives at Spectrum, a scab stabbing a protestor at the Tennis Center, and the drug addicts that Verizon hired, it seems like these companies can’t help themselves.

In keeping with this tradition of hiring the lowest of the low to break strikes, Frontier Communications recently had a scab pull a gun on a striking CWA member. The incident happened in Braxton County, West Virginia where Frontier techs have been on strike since Sunday. The scab, Ato Oronde Clark, a native of Lawrenceville Georgia, pulled out his pistol and threatened the picketing CWA members screaming like a lunatic “Don’t mess with me.”

Not only is Frontier hiring unskilled workers to do dangerous work, they are also asking their customers to allow these dangerous scabs into their homes. "We are urging customers to use caution if they encounter someone repairing telephone lines or equipment or responding to a service call," said Ed Mooney, Vice President of CWA District 2-13. "The well-trained, skilled technicians that have worked together for many years to maintain West Virginia's telecommunications network are on strike. That experience can't be replaced overnight. The equipment we handle is complex and our members understand the landscape in West Virginia and how to make sure repairs are done safely."

Following the incident, Clark was arrested by the West Virginia State Police and charged with one count of brandishing a weapon. He was then locked up in Central Regional Jail while he awaited arraignment. Frontier claims that the scab has been fired.

As the striking Frontier workers enter into their second week on strike, you can help out by donating to their strike fund.  

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