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Getting a handle on exploitation

NY has set up a task force to look into un safe working conditions in the construction industry

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Nov 09, 2015

In an effort to combat worker exploitation, New York State has set up a task force to streamline the work of 10 agencies investigating different areas of worker exploitation.  The task force will have a particular focus on the construction industry which accounts for 4% of jobs in NY, but 20% of the state’s occupational deaths. 

At the first public meeting for the task force, workers came forward to give firsthand accounts of living lives in virtual serfdom for employers giving little consideration towards abiding by our state laws, safety or wage mandates.

During Hurricane Sandy,a worker said he worked for a contractor at a federal building for 12-14 hours per day without ever seeing a dime. "When you complained about that, they would retaliate against you," said Carlos, a non-union construction worker.

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