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Getting the Vax is Patriotic

A citizen's pleas to stop abetting the enemy

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by Guest Post on
Oct 13, 2021

The letter below first appeared in Newsday.

During World War II, this country knew who its enemy was — the Axis of Germany, Japan and Italy. Many men and women enlisted, and some even lied about their age or physical condition to   do whatever they could to support our country and defend it from the enemy.

People everywhere saved the bacon drippings to help the country build explosives. People volunteered to give blood, served as air raid wardens, worked in essential industries and did much more to support the country and help defeat the enemy. We were a patriotic country.

Now, we face a different enemy, COVID-19, attacking this country. In fact, this new enemy has already killed   nearly twice as many people here than those killed in World War II. Yet many people — too many — make excuses for not being patriotic. Getting vaccinated helps protect fellow Americans. Making excuses aids and abets the enemy.

So roll up your sleeves and act as any patriotic American would — get vaccinated.

—Hal Juman, Commack


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