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The GOP: Anti-Police Union

Why do working people constantly support at the ballot box those who lower their wages and benefits?

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Feb 14, 2017

It’s one of those age old questions. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why’s the sky blue? Why’s water wet? Why do union cops vote Republican? No one really has the answers and if I did, I would be giving lectures at prestigious political science universities or I'd be a well-paid talking head on CNN. Two headlines and stories below give clear examples of how Republican administrations deaminize law enforcement unions, minimalize their union leaders or are just flat out disrespectful. In those cases the union leadership has battled thier GOP government for years, but they are the exception. The fact is that states with higher union density and Democratic leadership tend to pay our brothers in blue more, whereas red states with low union density do not. Take a look at this graphic from

Now take a look at these red Trump states.

  • Misissippi-$30,460 Republican Governor Phil Bryant
  • Louisiana -$34,290 Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards, Legislature Republican Controlled
  • West Virginia -$35,060 Democratic Governor Jim Justice, Legislature Republican Controlled
  • Arkansas -$36,030 Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson,
  • South Carolina-$37,180 Republican Governor Henry McMaster
  • Alabama -$37,620 Republican Governor Robert J. Bentley
  • Tennessee -$37,990 Republican Governor Bill Haslam
  • South Dakota-$38,010 Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard
  • Maine -$38,210 Republican Governor Paul LePage
  • Oklahoma-$38,280 Republican Governor Mary Fallin

Is there a point to sharing this information? I guess we’re all in the same boat. The AFL-CIO warned us about Trump and 37% of their ranks didn’t listen. Other public employee unions like the teachers gave the same warnings, half of union teachers voted for Trump and they immediately got Betsy DeVos and Yohn v. California Teachers. Trump came in touting nationalism, safety and the building of walls and the American nuclear arsenal; his campaign commercials looked like Mobile Strike video game ads. Now we got him, and every weekend is another act of civil disobedience. It’s gotta be tough being a cop, and even tougher with our government acting completely chaotic. We are all hoping that over time, we learn from our mistakes. Our union movement needs to be complex in not only our endorsement process - but in how we deliver our members to the polls and truly vote our valies. We need to stop following madmen who entertain and start voting like we used to – with our pocketbooks and how our unions suggests. We stand strongly with law enforcement unions - an attack on them, is an attack on all of us. Read the attacks below, it's not funny and it's happening all over these United States. 

Calls for sheriff to quit
Nassau Dems demand ouster, cite concerns with mismanagement of county jail

The Democrats in Nassau County’s Legislature demanded Sheriff Michael Sposato’s resignation Monday over what they called his “gross mismanagement” of the jail.

They cited what they called a lack of accountability and transparency on issues including security and infrastructure, along with his defense of a jail medical vendor whose tenure has been marked by a series of inmate deaths that have spurred multiple lawsuits. “He has failed grossly,” minority party leader Legis. Kevan Abrahams (D-Freeport) said at a news conference, citing what he said was an unacceptable track record for Sposato on matters of safety, security and taxpayer protection. The legislators’ call for the ouster of Sposato, an appointee of County Executive Edward Mangano, follows a finding by the Nassau district attorney’s office that jail officials and Mangano’s staff mishandled an internal investigation involving a jail nurse charged with smuggling drugs and razors to inmates.

“We frankly cannot afford this sheriff anymore, in terms of cost to human life, in terms of costs to the taxpayers,” said Legis. Carrie Solages (D-Elmont). But Sposato fired back at the Democrats’ assertions in a statement Monday. “Today’s press conference is a cheap political stunt by Democrats to intimidate the Sheriff’s Department into doling out overtime which I cut by tens of millions of dollars,” he said.

Mangano said in a statement Sposato has led the Sheriff’s Department since 2007 “by cutting millions in wasteful overtime and it’s no surprise a proven cost-cutter would be a target of attacks instigated by union bosses.” Read the rest...

Nassau PBA head: Police morale is low

Morale among Nassau police officers has reached a low point, according to the new president of the union representing the department’s rank and file before listing improvements Monday he said the administration must address to boost enthusiasm. 

James McDermott, president of the Nassau Police Benevolent Association, said he and other union leaders — not Nassau’s acting Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter — are in a position to know how officers view their jobs.

“It’s hard for him to get a real feel for morale when he is the commissioner,” McDermott said at an event in Mineola honoring two officers. “Your cops are not going to tell you morale is low.”


McDermott’s comments came in response to Krumpter’s published remarks in Newsday Sunday in which he told his officers to quit if they don’t like their jobs or believe prospects are better elsewhere. Read the rest...


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