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Making the Red Flag Gun Bill a National Law

House passes a series of bills that are part of a package to end school shootings

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Feb 27, 2019

On Wednesday, House Democrats passed one the most significant pieces of gun legislation in years. The vote, which will be a part of a series of gun control bills that are voted on this week, would close some of the loopholes that may have prevented some of the recent mass shootings.

The first bill would require universal background checks for nearly all gun sales while the second bill would expand the waiting period for a background check. The bill would expand background checks to cover sales that were made at gun shows and widen the scope of internet sales that require a background check.

Another gun bill making its way through the Congress is known as the “Red Flag Bill.” This bill would allow states to remove firearms and prevent their sale to people who have been deemed an extreme risk. A similar bill was signed into law in New York on Tuesday. It passed thanks to the support and lobbying of the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) and the American Federation of Teachers is calling for one at the National level. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at the bill signing.

Unlike many other bills, all three of these have bi-partisan support. The Red Flag bill has been introduced by Senators Marco Rubio (FL) and Richard Blumenthal (CT), while the universal background check bill has been introduced by Congressman Mike Thompson (D-CA) and Peter King (R-NY).

Since mass shootings like Sandy Hook and Parkland, gun control bills have become a core issue for many Democrats. By taking up the background check bills in the first 100 days of the Congress the Democrats are demonstrating the changing politics behind guns. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that any of these bills will become law. That is because the NRA is opposed and the Republican-led Senate is unlikely to even hold a vote, let alone vote in favor, of these three bills.

Instead, some Republicans in the Senate are willing to allow our students and teachers to continue to die due to lax gun laws.

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