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USW Gasworkers -Scabs are pictured above in the firesuits

Massachusetts Shuts Down Scab Gasworkers

After they almost blew up a neighborhood the state is stepping in

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Oct 10, 2018

Gas workers at National Grid in Boston have been locked out of work since July. In that time, the residents that are serviced by National Grid have put their lives in danger as the scab workers fail to meet safety protocols. After a recent gas leak, the state has now ordered National Grid to stop all non-emergency gas work until they can prove that the scabs can work safely.

The 1,100 members of United Steelworkers Locals 12003 and 12012 say that an incident this week in Woburn Massachusetts forced 300 houses to have their gas meters turned off. The union says this is just one of over 100 safety issues and violations that they have documented since the company locked their members out.

"As this latest incident involving a replacement worker in Woburn shows, Massachusetts' natural gas industry is in disarray," read a statement from Steel unions Local 12003 and Local 12012, the gas workers fighting for a stronger contract with National Grid. "If National Grid refuses to end this irresponsible and reckless behavior, it's time for the state to step up and demand the company do so. As these most recent gas incidents highlight, natural gas is dangerous.”

After the latest incidents, the state Department of Public Utilities (DPU) ordered National Grid to stop all non-emergency gas work. They also ordered the company to have a DPU inspector on site for any emergency work that needs to be done.

Hopefully, after this latest incident and being shut down by the DPU, National Grid will come back to the table and negotiate a fair contract with the Steelworkers putting these 1,100 families back to work.

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