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Nassau's Top Cop

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Apr 14, 2015

This week, the Nassau PBA recognized Nicholas Zaharis with it’s top cop honor.  Last November, Officer Zaharis was called to a report of an armed robbery in Uniondale.  After responding to the scene, he found the car, called for backup, and pursued the vehicle.  In the vehicle were 4 armed suspects.  He followed the car as is sped wildly through Uniondale and into the neighboring Hempstead were the car stopped and the four men jumped out.  Backup arrived and Office Zaharis and his backup were able to pursue, capture and arrest all four of the men.  PBA president James Carver said “Normally you respond to a call and that’s the end of it.  You take a report and wait for the detectives.  But Police officer Zaharis… was diligent and went around the area to make sure there was no other harm to anybody else.” Police Officer Zaharis is a 10 year vetern of the Nassau Police Department.

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