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NEA President Dares Trump to Spend a Day in a Classroom

Trump threatens to withhold funding for states that won't force their schools to reopen in the fall

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Jul 09, 2020

On Wednesday, Trump threatened states and school districts that chose not to open in the fall. In a tweet Trump said the following:

This threat came a day after Trump claimed, without evidence, that schools were closed during the pandemic to hurt his reelection chances.

Many parents and teachers are worried that schools may open in the fall with in-class learning potentially putting millions at risk of contracting the virus. Many teachers who are older or immunocompromised are also concerned that they could be forced to choose between their jobs and contracting the deadly virus.

In response to Trump’s tweet and comments, Lily Eskelsen Garcia the President of the nation’s largest teacher union the National Education Association (NEA), told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, “There’s no one that wants our kids back more than teachers, but we want to open it safely. This isn’t a bar. We’re talking about second graders. I had 39 sixth graders one year in my class. I double-dog dare Donald Trump to sit in a class of 39 sixth graders and breathe that air without any preparation for how we’re going to bring our kids back safely.”

The NEA has said that before teachers and students can be brought back into the classroom, there must be more personal protective equipment, deep-cleaning procedures, sanitizing stations, and classroom alterations that would allow students to be socially distant from one another.

Check out the full interview below.

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