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No accidents for over 3 years

It may not seem like a big deal, but there is nothing more important than making it home to your kids every night

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Feb 08, 2016
Below you will find a message from IBEW Local 10 Business Manager Gary Bonker to his members who work at a utility company on the New York / Canadian border. His words say it all, but we must add this; rewarding good behavior is something we constantly re-enforce here at UCOMM. Nothing saddens us more when we have to put out content about a workplace death. So when union leaders take the time and energy to highlight the positives just like Local 10 did below, we must all share in that praise and find ways to do the same. Nice work Local 10. - Kris LaGrange
I recently had the pleasure of attending the Plattsburgh Division of the New York State Electric & Gas Annual Safety Breakfast. IBEW Local Union 10 Officers have been attending this event for about sixteen years. What made the Safety Breakfast this year special was that they were celebrating three and one-half years of injury free work! 

This is no small feat considering the work we do. All these groups of people staying focused on their co-workers and themselves for three and a half years. What a great example of not being distracted by everything going on around you. Not worrying about what the company is doing, not bringing your personal issues to work, not being on your cell phone, just focusing on doing your job the safe way.

Safety Committee Members and volunteers cooked a delicious breakfast for all. Vendors were invited and raffles were drawn. There were speakers from the Union and Management who congratulated the people on their accomplishment. A safety presentation was also given.
Please take time at work, home, or play to stay focused on your safety and those around you. Know the safety rules for what you are doing, and practice them. Discuss the rules and hazards that apply. Let's keep all the members of Local 10 and their families healthy and safe.

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