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Perdue Workers Walk Out

They say the chicken giant is not taking the coronavirus threat seriously

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Mar 25, 2020

While many workers are working from home to stop the spread of COVID-19 some workers are still forced to go to work. At many businesses that are deemed “essential,” workers are getting more protective equipment or are getting a hazard pay bonus but at a Perdue Chicken factory in Georgia, workers say that nothing is being done to keep them safe. On Monday about 50 employees walked out of the factory saying that they no longer feel safe working.

"We're not getting nothing -- no type of compensation, no nothing, not even no cleanliness, no extra pay -- no nothing. We're up here risking our life for chicken," employee Kendaliyn Granville to WMAZ.

Granville went on to say that workers in the factory had been exposed to coronavirus, but were not isolated. When the workers asked their supervisors to do something, they claimed that the factory was being sanitized every night. Yet, Granville says that in the morning there is still food on the floors and the bathrooms are a mess, leading her and the other 49 workers to believe that the company is lying about cleaning, let alone sanitizing the building.

The workers at the plant also say that they have not been offered extra money to continue to work.

"We're told there's going to be more promotions and more pay for the company, but no one has seen that," said Diamond Gray. "I think a lot of people are just tired and with the virus involved. Also, I think it's just gotten to the point where enough is enough."

After police were called, the group dispersed and the workers went home instead of heading back to work. In a statement following the walkout, the company said that they will now be “deep cleaning” the plant every two hours and offering four weeks of paid leave to workers who get sick with coronavirus.

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