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Recipe For Disaster at the Jail

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May 14, 2015

Over the last few months, stabbings at the Nassau County Jail have skyrocketed.  Much of this is due to the intended unnecessary overcrowding of prison blocks within the jail.  Although the population of the Nassau Jail has decreased, the Nassau Sheriff has decided to use less prison blocks to space inmates in order to cut down on costs.  This means that gang members who are often separated are now living together. Add to that aging technology is making it hard for corrections officers to detect smuggled items - you now have a recipe for disaster for our hardworking CO's. 

 The Nassau County Corrections Officers Benevolent Association (COBA) is fighting back.  Not only are their lives at stake, but so are the lives of the prisoners that they are charged with protecting and rehabilitating.  That is why  COBA is asking everyone to call County Executive Ed Managno and tell him that our jail needs funding.  You can call the County Executive at 516-MANGANO or send him a tweet @edmangano.  They also need you to call the sheriff's office and tell him that we need to protect officers and prisoners.  You can reach the sheriff at 516-572-4200.
Tell the County officials to be pro-active, update the scanners and open cell blocks before they make a CO's wife a widow and their kids fatherless. 

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