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Safety Tip for Those Who Climb Poles

CWA union leader in Brooklyn describes the screwdriver test

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by Tony Spina on
Jul 06, 2017

I am asking every field tech to get involved in our OWN safety.

In the last few months we have had poles fall down due to rotting conditions. There is a system in place where techs can fill out a unsafe condition and turn it in to your Stewards. That information goes right to the line foreman and into a  database  and is being dispatched. Please put all information on the form including your email address so you will be notified as soon as the condition is fixed. We MUST perform the screwdriver test, driving it in on an angle towards below ground at the base of the pole before we climb. If the screwdriver goes right through the pole, it is rotted. Red tag the unsafe pole and NOBODY is to climb it. Please put multiple tags so it is visible from different angles.


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