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Steamfitter Arrested for January 6th

Local 638 insurgent scaled walls in the deadly attack

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Jul 29, 2021

Almost seven months after the attack on the United States Capitol, some of the insurgents are still being arrested. The latest one is a union member from New York City.

According to Newsday, Daniel Christmann was arrested at his home in Brooklyn on Wednesday. He is being charged with knowingly entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct in the Capitol building, and demonstrating in a Capitol building. The federal prosecutor for the Eastern District of New York said that they were first tipped off to Christmann’s involvement in the attack by three unidentified tipsters who reported that they say photos and videos of Christmann on his Instagram account that showed him inside the Capitol and taking part in the insurrection. The complaint said these were posted to an Instagram account “dannyforsenate” which appears to be affiliated with a failed bid for the 18th State Senate district in 2020. He also appears to have attempted to run for President as a Libertarian in 2020 but did not receive the party’s endorsement. Photos that the prosecutor provided showed Christmann climbing through a broken window to enter the building. The prosecutor also received multiple conversations on Instagram that he had with his followers.

"So you stormed the Capitol, huh?" one follower asked Christmann on Jan. 7.

"Yeah, I’m not going to lie," Christmann responded, the court papers said. "I wasn’t one of the first people in. When (sic) realized what was happening, I scaled walls."

He allegedly told another follower that he scaled the wall using a garden hose. He later asked Facebook followers to delete videos from the riot after two people he knew had been arrested.

According to a questionnaire that Christmann filled out when he ran for office, he works as a Local 638 Steamfitter. He claims to be a plumber and boiler mechanic as well as a yoga teacher.

Magistrate Judge Sanket Bulsara set the next court date on August 10th where he faces prosecution in the District of Columbia. Busara ordered Christmann to stay out of Washington except for court hearings and to meet with his attorneys. The defendant was barred from leaving the Eastern District or traveling outside the continental United States without prior approval.

Since the insurrection authorities have now arrested almost 600 people. Some have been arrested for the same charges as Christmann, while others are facing more serious penalties like assaulting an officer. 17 people have already pled guilty to charges.

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