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15 Anti-Vaxxers Who Died

A factual list of people who thought COVID was a hoax

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Oct 01, 2021

Over the last year and a half, conservatives have played a major role in pushing people to not take COVID seriously, not wear your mask, and to avoid getting a vaccine. Thanks to these efforts, Red states have fallen significantly behind the rest of the country in vaccinations which has allowed COVID variants to form and take hold, killing thousands. Over 698,000 American’s have died and we all know who is to blame. My 11 year old got this virus a few weeks ago, and trust me, you DO NOT want your child getting this. The “unmask our kids” movement is another death wish, but that is a whole other story. With so much misinformation out there, UCOMM wanted to take a look at some of the people who pushed these dangerous ideas and then ending up contracting COVID and dying. This is what justice looks like, read and share this story because you might just educate the uneducated, and save a life.

Conservative Radio Hosts:

Bob Enyart: The conservative pastor was the host of the “Real Science Radio” show and was from Colorado. He vocally refused to get vaccinated and spread false claims about the virus. He called hospitals that were flooded with COVID patients “imagined” and said the severity of the pandemic was “fake news.” He sued Colorado last year over its emergency rules surrounding capacity limits and mask mandates in churches. He successfully won that case, making it more dangerous for the public to hear him preach. It was announced on September 13th that he had died after entering the hospital on September 10th.

Dick Farrel: Also known as Farrel Austin Levitt, the 65-year-old died in early August from “severe damage” caused by COVID-19. Before getting sick he used his show to say that COVID-19 vaccines were bogus and called Dr. Anthony Fauci a “power tripping lying freak.” "Why take a vax promoted by people who lied 2u all along about masks, where the virus came from and the death toll?" he wrote in a Facebook post in July. According to close friends who spoke to WPTV, Farrel had a death bed change of heart and began encouraging close friends to get vaccinated after he contracted the virus.

Phil Valentine: the 61-year-old conservative radio host died in mid-August in Tennessee from the virus. In December of 2020 Valentine went on his show on 99.7 WTN to say that his chance of dying from the virus was “way less than one percent.” Valentine not only downplayed the efficacy of vaccines on his show, but he also recorded a parody song mocking them. Valentine appears to have had a change of tune once he got sick telling people to put aside the conspiracy theories and get vaccinated, so their families don’t have to go through what his wife was going through.

Marc Bernier, aka Mr. Anti-Vax: The WNDB host from Florida said on air that he would not take the vaccine. "I'm not taking it," he said when asked about the COVID-19 during a segment of his show in December 2020, according to USA Today. "Are you kidding me? Mr. Anti-Vax? Jeepers." Bernier, who hosted conservative radio programs for 30 years, died in late August.

Todd Tucker: A conservative talk show host from Oklahoma City, OK. He died August 11, 2021, after an onset of viral pneumonia as the result of COVID-19.

Robert David Steele: The former CIA officer had a large following on his blog and who was a frequent guest on InfoWars died of COVID on August 29th. Steele, who spread Q-Anon and COVID-19 misinformation online, claims to have been the first person to call COVID a hoax. "I will not take the vaccination, though I did test positive for whatever they're calling 'COVID' today, but the bottom line is that my lungs are not functioning," he wrote in a blog post on August 17. “The bottom line is that my lungs are not functioning. The good news is that I will survive with a few days off.” Steele allegedly got sick while touring the country pushing the false claim that Trump was the real winner of the 2020 presidential election.


Anti-Mask, Anti-Vax Leaders and Influencers

Caleb Wallace: The 30-year-old father of three from San Angelo, Texas was a leader in organizing protests against COVID restrictions, including lockdowns and masks which he referred to as COVID tyranny through his group called the “Freedom Defenders.” According to his wife Jessica Wallace, her husband started showing symptoms in July and instead of being treated with medication that was tested and approved by the FDA, Caleb decided to treat himself with the horse dewormer ivermectin as well as high doses of vitamin C, zinc, aspirin, and an inhaler before seeking professional medical care. He died on August 28th after being in a coma since August 8th.

Pressley Stutts: The chair of the Greenville Tea Party, Stutts died from COVID-19 in August. Stutts called face masks an “illusion” and cheered on unvaccinated doctors and nurses. He used his social media platforms to spread misinformation about the virus including amplifying false claims from the debunked movie Plandemic, organized a rally in Greenville South Carolina to protest Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit where his group protested the White House’s Get Vaccinated campaign and supported the false claim that Trump won the election.  He also posted on Facebook saying that the Delta variant was just a government code to scare people.

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Veronica Wolski: The 64-year-old Chicago woman died on September 13th after contracting COVID-19. She was well known in the Chicago area for demonstrating on a bridge overlooking the Kennedy Expressway with signs like “Ax the Vax.” After she was hospitalized, she demanded that her doctor administer ivermectin, a medication that is not authorized by the FDA to treat COVID-19. Instead, it is used in humans and horses to treat parasites. After her doctor refused, Wolski urged her Q-Anon friends to protest outside the hospital, while a prominent influencer within the Q-Anon community encouraged people to call the facility and demand physicians to administer ivermectin to her. The hospital received hundreds of calls before Wolski died.

H. Scott Apley: The Dickinson Texas City Council member and official within the Texas Republican Party died from the virus at just the age of 45, leaving behind a wife and baby son. Apley was a loud voice against masks and the vaccine, commenting that mask mandates were akin to Nazism in Germany. Like the Nazi’s burned books, Apley invited people to a mask burning. He railed against vaccine passports and called the Baltimore Health Commissioner “an absolute enemy of a free people” after she celebrated good news about the Pfizer Vaccine.

Dianna Rathburn: A pediatric homecare nurse in Lowell Michigan, she went viral in anti-mask circles as the nurse who presented “evidence” at a Lowell school board meeting about the so-called ineffectiveness of masks for preventing the spread of COVID. Dianna was 57 years old.

Kristen Lowery: The 40-year-old mother of four passed away on September 15th from the virus in California. The mom posted on social media that she was "proudly" against Covid vaccinations and used a profile picture banner that read 'Unmasked, unmuzzled, unvaccinated, unafraid. Together we win.' She was a supporter of the Mom’s of Liberty, a national organization of Karen’s who oppose masks in schools and have organized some of the recent protests at school board meetings.

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Pastors and Religious Leaders

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Sr.: A Christian radio host and Bible Prophecy Teacher, operated Prophecy Today a Christian radio program that was played on more than 1,500 stations nationwide. He died on August 15th. On a show in February DeYoung questioned whether the COVID vaccine was a form of government control of the people and claimed the vaccine has “potential problems.” In addition to his radio program, DeYoung was a sought-after preacher who preached at churches throughout the United States.

Devorah Sklar: A loud voice against vaccines, she and her husband ran Maurice Sklar Ministries in California. Devorah routinely shared on her social media anti-vax content including comparing vaccination rules to the Nazi’s and Josef Mengele’s experiments. She also put out the notion that the Delta Variant was not a mutation but was caused by the vaccine. The ministry has about 10,000 followers on its social media.

R. Loren Sanford: A pastor at the New Song Church and Ministries in Denver Colorado, Sanford was 70 when he died on September 18th. Over the past 18 months he has downplayed the virus and shared out false facts on social media to make the pandemic seem not as deadly as it is. When asked about the COVID vaccine, he said that he isn’t anti-vax, but that the COVID shot isn’t a vaccine (it is), but that rather it messes with your RNA. His anti-mask and anti-vaccine policies hit his church hard with an outbreak occurring in late August. This outbreak appears to have gotten Sanford sick as well, ultimately killing him.

These 15 men and women didn’t believe in science and now have passed on. Don’t be like these people, get your shot and continue to live a healthy and safe life.

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