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Trump sides with Associated Builders and Contractors

Anti-Building Trades ABC to run operations for the United States Department of Labor

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Feb 14, 2017

Trump has chosen the former chief lobbyist and Vice President of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Geoffrey Burr to join the Labor Department as part of the “beachhead team.” Burr, who spent 7 years as the Vice President for Government Affairs, lobbying against protections that the Building Trade unions hold dear.  According to Pro Publica, Burr lobbied Congress to repeal Davis Bacon, which requires that construction projects that use federal funds pay their workers a prevailing wage.  Burr also lobbied the Labor Department directly on changing the surveys used to determine the prevailing wage for a project.  In his new position, Burr would now have control over Departments implementation of Davis Bacon requirements.  ABC is also notoriously ant-union. Throughout the country they have pushed legislation and bills that weaken unions as well as weaken wage, apprenticeship and safety standards.

While some select Building Trades union leaders met with Trump last month and left the meeting encouraged, his actions clearly show that Trump is siding with the anti-union. Currently, Congress is considering bills to repeal Davis Bacon as well as a National Right to Work (for Less) law. While Burr cannot be stopped from taking over at the Labor Department, Andy Puzder still can.  Click here to find out how to contact your Senator to let them know that they should vote no on Puzder’s nomination.

Make America Great Again. 

Pictured above are NYC Union Building Trades members rallying to support an Apprenticeship Training bill in NYC that ABC opposes.

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