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Union Security Guard Called Hero of Las Vegas Shooting

Armed with just a nightstick, Jesus Campos stopped the Las Vegas shooter, saving thousands

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Oct 06, 2017

Las Vegas was rocked on Sunday by the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. Over the last few days, we have heard stories of heroic police, fire and EMT’s rushing into the hail of bullets to save people’s lives and complete strangers risking their lives to protect fellow concert-goers. Now we are hearing about the heroic security guard who stopped the shooting.

Jesus Campos is a security guard at Mandalay Bay. On Sunday, when the shooting began, Campos joined the other security guards on staff in searching the hotel for the shooter. As Campos got off the elevator on the 32nd floor, he was met by gunfire from the shooter, Stephen Paddock. The shooter had rigged a camera to the peephole in the door so that he could monitor when the police approached the room.

Seeing Campos, Paddock began firing through the door, hitting Campos in the thigh. Shot, but knowing that thousands were still at risk, Campos relayed his position to the Clark County Sheriff’s office. While many security guards would then have retreated to safety, Campos refused to leave the 32nd floor. Once the police arrived, Campos again approached the door to use his key card to let the police in. They were met with another hail of gunfire. While police retreated back from the door to wait for SWAT, Campos and some of the officers went door to door, clearing the floor of all guests. Campos refused to leave until he had ensured every guests’ safety and the police ordered him to get his wound examined.

The Clark County Sheriff’s office has since said that their forensics team found about 200 rounds of ammunition that had been fired at Campos and later the police. Their spokesman said that it was a miracle that Campos did not suffer more injuries. According to Clark County Undersheriff Kevin McMahill, Paddock stopped shooting thanks to Campos, allowing the tens of thousands of concert goers to evacuate. After Campos arrived, Paddock did not fire another shot at the crowd.

Officials in Las Vegas are touting Campos as a hero, saying that his quick actions helped save countless lives. “I think we need to recognize the position that these officers hold,” Dave Hickey, president of the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America, the union representing the Mandalay Bay security guards said. “Security professionals in those kind of venues—whether it’s a bank or a hotel or Disney World—I’m telling you that I don’t think that our officers are recognized enough for the valuable role that they play in protecting property, people and even the nation.”

Campos was released from the hospital on Thursday with the bullet still in his leg. While many including Trump hailed him as a hero, Campos was humble. He told ABC News “I’m fine, I was just doing my job.” Thankfully that job resulted in countless lives being saved.

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