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by Press and Media | on May 23, 2019

20% Raises for Southwest Airlines Union

Back in March UCOMM reported that Southwest and their mechanic's union were locked in a contract fued. Now we are happy to report that a new contract has been approved. Read more below from the...

by Press and Media | on Mar 20, 2019

Southwest Airlines Reaches Contract with Mechanics

After weeks of fighting and lawsuits Southwest Airlines and the union representing their mechanics have reached a contract agreement. Find out more about the deal from the AP.

by Brian Young | on Mar 12, 2019

Southwest Mechanics Union Force Action

Just days after Southwest Airlines filed a lawsuit against their mechanic's union for taking planes out of service for safety issues, the airline is coming under new pressure from consumers and...

by Brian Young | on Mar 06, 2019

Massive Problems at Southwest Airlines

I asked UCOMM’s Brian Young to do some research and write this piece up to give you the story behind the story about what is really happening at Southwest Airlines. Like me, you may personally...

by Brian Young | on Aug 04, 2016

They aren't happy

The union employees at Southwest Airlines have been working for several years without a contract as tempers simmered throughout the negotiations.  Now those tempers are boiling over as the 38,...

by Kris LaGrange | on Dec 10, 2015

Fired for going to a meeting?

For four and a half years employees of Southwest have been working without a contract. After working with a federal mediator contract talks stalled last year.  On November 18th, employees in...

by Kris LaGrange | on Oct 26, 2015

Southwest expands by ripping off workers

Baggage Handlers, ground crews, and flight attendants who work for Southwest airlines with Transport Workers Local 555 and 556 in Dallas met Southwest’s first international flight last week...