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Concussions No Laughing Matter

While Roger Staubach jokes about brain injuries, hundreds of players are dealing with the side effects.

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Dec 14, 2015

With the upcoming release of "Concussion," Worker's Independent News sent over some commentary on NFL Legend Roger Staubach joking about the amount of concussions he suffered during his career.  You can watch the trailer here and read their commentary below.

The National Football League is dealing these days with an alarming, life-and-death issue. Namely concussions. A lot of people think that the NFL has turned its back on many of its former players who have ended up after their careers with severe brain injuries, some of whom even took their own lives because they spent too many years using their heads as projectiles.

There have been lawsuits against the NFL by scores of former players and on Christmas Day there will be the release a new movie called “Concussion,’’ about how the league tried to cover up the extent of brain trauma injuries. Clearly, this is no laughing matter, even if Roger Staubach tried to turn it into one the other night. During a black-tie dinner in New York, the former star of of the Dallas Cowboys made a joke mocking his own history of concussions. By his own count, Staubach suffered at least 10 concussions back in the 60’s and 70’s as he was quarterbacking leading Dallas to two Super Bowls. Now, he’s the one making jokes, rather than being a spokesman for the players to address this issue.

Staubach still has a lot of clout in football circles. He was called “Captain America’’ during his playing days, because he was clean-cut and had played college football at the United States Naval Academy. But now he’s doing a disservice to everyone who paid a high price for playing pro football. It’s no laughing matter, and Roger Staubach is the last one who needs to be reminded of that.

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