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Meet the 2nd biggest jerk in the NFL

Next to Commissioner Roger Goodell, crappy ref Terry McAulay proves to be a big baby by attempting to leave refs union.

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Dec 31, 2015

During the December 20th NY Giants- Carolina Panthers NFL football game, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made headlines for his unsafe play, including a helmet to helmet late hit.   After the game, much of the conversation revolved around why Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin did not remove Beckham from the game, but for the NFL Referees Association (NFLRA), the pressure mounted on the role that the team of referees had in the game.

Terry McAulay, was the head ref during the game. McAulay and his team where roundly criticized for their failure to throw Beckham out of the game. The NFL has pressured refs to keep players in the game and asses penalties.  Once again it seems that the NFL is facing their age old dilemma; do ratings and highlights outweigh the NFL's responsibility to protect players and what is the referees role in protecting players.

During the game, McAulay trended much closer to the company line in allowing Beckham to remain in the game while the NFL RA took the player safety position.  To McAulay this "slight" was enough for him to announce that he was quitting the NFLRA. His true colors were exposed.  The NFL RA does not work with Right to Work rules so "company man" McAulay will still pay the mandatory union dues and will still be represented in contract negotiations.  So even though McAulay told his peers and coworkers to go F themselves, this jerk will face no punishment and will be protected by his union contract. Even though he failed to control the game and allowed a player to continue to conduct dangerous play, he will still get a paycheck and fans are forced to watch this crybaby every Sunday on National television. MsAulay is someone who exhibits true selfish individualism.

You suck McAulay. Man up and admit when your wrong.



McAulay hates his union and coworkers, he should work here. No union at this place.

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