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Not safe in Indy

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Aug 28, 2015

Last weekend, tragedy struck at Pocono Raceway as INDY car racer Justin Wilson was struck by flying debris and killed.  While INDY Racing does not have a collective bargaining agreement, the drivers do have an organizing committee that meets with management on issues such as driver safety.  Wilson was an active member of this committee, having been voted to represent the drivers in negotiations. Wilson had spoken about his  loving racing, he was also a staunch advocate for making racing safer for both drivers and fans following the 2011 crash and death of Dan Wheldon.  Since 1999, 6 drivers have died during INDY Car events, many due to the fact that the cars are open cockpit cars that provide no protection for drivers. NASCAR has not had an on track deaths since Dale Earnhardt in 2001. 

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