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Boos Rain Down on Trump at World Series

Trump was met with loud boos and chants of lock him up during Game 5 at National's Park

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Oct 28, 2019

At last night’s Game 5 of the World Series, Washington Nationals fans let Trump know how they felt about his appearance at the game.

Trump attended the game, arriving after the end of the first inning and leaving before the end of the 7-1 Astro’s victory. During a salute to the veterans, the jumbotron panned to Trump and the crowd began to boo. The boos were so loud that they were even picked up on the radio broadcast.

The jeers kept up throughout the game as the crowd broke out in a “Lock him up” chant during the beginning of the fourth inning.

Unlike other “Presidents,” Trump decided not to throw out the first pitch. Instead, famed DC restaurant owner and Trump critic Jose Andres was given the honor. Andres was met with a rousing applause.

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