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Could Carli Lloyd be an NFL Kicker?

After putting on a field goal clinic the USWNT star is getting NFL offers

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Aug 28, 2019

Carli Lloyd has done just about everything you could think of in the world of soccer. World Cup wins and Olympic medals all are on her resume, but the star US Women’s National Team (USWNT) player could go down in history for something else, breaking the gender barrier in football.

The interest in Lloyd came after she visited the joint practice between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Baltimore Ravens. While she was visiting the camp, Lloyd was challenged to a field goal kicking contest. With players from both sides watching, the star soccer player lined up and perfectly drilled a 55-yard field goal through a goal post that was half as wide as the NFL standard. Check out the kick below.

In the days since the kick, at least one team reached out to Lloyd about joining their team. According to her trainer, James Galanis, at least one team made a concrete offer that would have allowed her to kick in their final preseason game slated for later this week. Galanis said that while Lloyd was interested, the team’s game would conflict with a previously scheduled USWNT game against Portugal.

While it might seem like a stunt to bring in a female kicker, players like Lloyd have shown that they are ready for prime time on some of the biggest stages of them all. They have also shown that they are more than capable of hitting big kicks. Lloyd once scored a goal on a kick from midfield in the World Cup, so she definitely has the leg to hit a big field goal in an NFL game.

Sure, there are still questions to be answered, like can she hit the kick with linemen running at her or how will she react to taking a hit, but those are all of the same questions people had when NFL teams first started recruiting male soccer players to be kickers.  Now let’s see if an NFL team will give her a regular season shot or if her very busy USWNT schedule will allow it.


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