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The NYC 7 o'clock Salute

New Yorkers show their humanity, clap and cheer for essential workers

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Mar 30, 2020

In cities across the world, residents are quarantined in their apartments in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Most people are sitting home, watching Netflix and doing their absolute best to stay healthy. On the job still are healthcare professionals like nurses and doctors, but so are bus drivers, essential construction workers, grocers, skeleton crews at fast food joints, journalist, delivery drivers and a few other essential workers whose services are critical at this crazy time. They are caring for our sick, stocking shelves to keep us fat, maintaining our overused high-speed internet and keeping the lights on. We usually just praise them on Labor Day, but not anymore. 

Most of these workers go under the radar, but an international movement is seeking to change that and say thank you. The International #clapbecausewecare movement recently came to New York City. Every everday at 7 PM, New Yorkers are asked to open their windows and give a hearty cheer and a round of applause to the people who are still working. For about two minutes, residents break the eerie silence that has consumed New York with cheers, hoots, hollering, whistles, and even some banging pots.

From across the street of Elmhurst hospital, one of the hardest-hit hospitals in New York, to the uppity penthouses on the Upper West Side, New York said thank you for the tireless effort that these men and women have put in to keep our city, our community, and our nation safe. This pandemic has touched us all. The rich, the poor, Republicans, Democrats, the union and the non. Unity is not directed from Washington, it's blossomed from everyday people - people we rarely ever think about. Even celebrities like Amy Schumer got involved.




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It’s not only New York where this is happening either. In other quarantined countries, residents have planned similar shows of support for their essential workers. From India to Italy, from France to Spain essential workers are being thanked by a grateful community.

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