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IBEW Father Attacks Daughters Abuser

Video of an IBEW 665 member defending his daughters in court against their abuser goes viral

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Feb 02, 2018

There’s not much to say about this video that has gone viral. The father of three of Larry Nassar’s victims did what any self-respecting father would do. Unsure if he planned on wearing his union’s colors, he jumped over the desk and tried to exact some justice on the man who abused his daughters. Here are a few things I would like to point out. First, did you see the look in that little girl’s eyes? As a father of a little girl – a look like that is just enough to send you over the edge. After he was handcuffed, Randall Margraves said to the arresting Court Officers “What if this happened to you guys?” That comment inspired us to call UCOMM client Bill Dobbins, elected President of Suffolk County Court Employees Association to get his take on the situation.

“This is a common occurrence in court. Court Officers have to deal with the feelings and emotions of both the victims family and the defendants family,” said Dobbins. “Sometimes it is hard to balance our emotions when we feel for what the victim and their family are going through, but our job is to keep everyone in the courtroom safe, including the person who is convicted. We take an oath to serve and protect. The court officers fast action helped to prevent the Margraves family from having to see their father face more charges and deal with more tragedy.”

Throughout the day I was getting text messages from buddies asking if I had seen this video and seeing if they could get an IBEW Local 665 shirt to show solidarity with the dad and his union. Understanding what attention this was probably drawn to the local I put a call into the union office in Lansing and as expected could not get through. I’m assuming that they probably have been receiving many calls about this video. At the time of the release of this post they have not gotten back to us, but we hope that they understand that like the texts I get from my buddies and the court officers that UCOMM works with, they are sympathetic to what their member is going through. You can watch the video below.


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