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Idiot List Part 4

We once again bring you the Idiots who are grabbing this election by the....., supporting Trump to Make America Dumb Again

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Nov 01, 2016

Welcome once again to the world famous UCOMM Blog Idiot List Part 4.  Below you will find actors, musicians, businessmen and foreign leaders who actually think that Donald Trump will be a good President.  After reading this, make sure that you let all of these people know what you think of them supporting hate, intolerance, bigotry, bullying and the Orange comb over. Stamina! When your done, make sure you go grab today by the...

Chuck Norris- in an op-ed, Norris said that he is voting for Trump because he is sincere, has great character and is the real deal.  I guess Norris has taken one to many shots to head since Trump has proven that all three of those are untrue. 


Kelsey Grammer aka  Fraiser Crane is another serial husband, having been married four times.  Four times! Grammer has also had a sex tape released and has been arrested three times on drug and alcohol related offenses.  Like Donald Trump, he cheated on his wife Camille, announcing he was having a child. What a good guy. Go grab today by the...


Jerry Lewis- the once famous comedian, supported Trump by saying that we need a showman in office.  Much like Trump, his idea of a showman is a someone with no filter. You might remember when Lewis dropped an anti-gay slur on live TV during his telethon in 2008. If the reports about a new video of Trump at the Apprentice dropping the N-bomb is true, then both these idiots will need a good old fashioned ass kicking.


Woody Johnson- the owner of the Jets is known for making bad decisions on the football field, so why would it be any different in politics. Donald and Woody were made for each other. Sorry Jets fans, hate to kick you when your down.


Jenny Craig- This must have been a business decision as apparently every women that Donald Trump works with becomes a "fat pig." C'mon Jenny, really. Go grab today by the...


Matteo Salvini-  an Italian Politician, Salvini met with Trump in April.  Salvini is a far right, ally of Italy’s Trump Silvio Berlusconi.  He has said in the past that “Benito Mussolini did great things as a World War II ally of Adolf Hitler.” Make America Great Again.


Dick Yuengling- After a tour of his facility with son Eric Trump, bars across the nation have begun boycotting this anti-union beer. Watered down and shitty. Go grab today by the...


The Crusader- the self styled “voice” of the white resistance aka white power, the hateful newspaper rag officially endorsed Trump after months of speculation.  After running one of the most anti-Semitic and racist campaigns in recent memory, it was no wonder that the white robe wearing cone heads would endorse their Grand Wizard just days before the election. Make America Great Again.


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