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Let the Kids Play

MLB launches new ad campaign reminding us that baseball is still a kids game

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Apr 19, 2019

With the Major League Baseball season off to a strong start and little league fields full of kids from all walks of life, Major League Baseball has released a colorful new ad about the just letting them play the game.

The ad features some of MLB’s top talents and reflects the schoolyard fun and enjoyment of young kids playing baseball and bragging about how many home runs they will hit or championships that they will win. Anyone who has played this game knows that trash talk is 50% of the game. 

Is there a deeper message in this ad? Are sportswriters taking these guys too literally when they say they will hit 80 homers? Do the player's big lucrative bargained-for contracts blind the fans from understanding that these players are still just kids themselves? How did you act at age 20? You were still just a kid and if you were anything like me, still immature looking to have as much fun as possible before you become an old man at age 40.

In the end, New Jersey native Mike Trout, a great role model both on and off the field, remind everyone to “Just Let Them Play.” Watch the ad below. 


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